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Kayaking to the isle of Pakri


The trip starts with giving instructions on the shore of Kibru village near Vihterpalu. From there we sit into two-seat kayaks and cross Kurkse Strait in the direction of Suur-Pakri, to where the distance is 5 km.
The isles were inhabited in 1345, when five Swedes bought Suur-Pakri from Padise monastery.

In the spring of 1940 the entire population was evacuated as a result of Molotov-Ribbendrop pact and the isles were turned into a Soviet military base. Until 1992, the isles of Pakri were used as a study shooting polygon. The results of this activity in the form of bombs and their remnants can still be seen there today.

A nature park has been established on Pakri isles for the protection and preservation of the magnificent nature and the cultural heritage of the people.

During the trip we visit the dam path connecting the isles, military facilities, ruins of the former villages of the Swedes and the 17 m high limestone cliff. Surely we find time for resting and eating.
On the two-day trip we stay on the isle in tents, prepare a meal and if the weather is nice make a trip round the isle.



Group size 4-14 persons

 You can read about kayaking to Pakri from the blog of one participant by clicking here.

If needed, we can help with transportation, accomodation and even with hiking clothes. Please ask and we try to help as much as possible!